The RIGHT Way To Eat Toblerone

The RIGHT Way To Eat Toblerone

Are you a Toblerone fan? If you haven’t tried the nougaty chocolate delight, you’re definitely doing it wrong. If, like us, you’re a longtime fan of the Swiss treat, we have some advice that could revolutionize your chocolate experience.

Toblerone is unique in that it comes in triangle-shaped pieces that are all connected at the bottom. The most natural thing to do is to try to break off a piece by pulling down on the top of one of the triangles, but they are held on by a thick slab of chocolate. This can lead to a wrestling match with your chocolate bar, complete with melted chocolate all over your fingers and a sprained thumb. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Here’s the secret: tip the triangle TOWARDS the rest of the chocolate bar. It snaps off just like that. Your chocolate break just got that much sweeter. You’re welcome.

Fun fact: Did you ever notice that Toblerone is shaped like the Swiss alps where it is made? The candy was invented by a guy named Tobler in Bern, Switzerland in 1908. It is still made there, but is also produced in the U.S. now, too.

We are all for more chocolate being made everywhere!

featured image source: providr