How To Pick The Perfect Prime Rib

How To Pick The Perfect Prime Rib

What’s your go-to holiday meal? Turkey? Ham? A traditional Christmas goose? Just kidding, we don’t think anyone eats goose anymore. How about trying a still pretty traditional Prime Rib roast? Also known as a standing rib roast, it is a rich, beautifully marbled cut of beef that feeds a hungry family, perfect for a special occasion.

If you’ve never cooked one before, you may be intimidated by how to shop for this substantial piece of beef. We’ve got advice to make it easy to come home with the cut you need to pull off your holiday feast.

First off, how many people will be eating? Plan on 1 rib per every 3 people eating. Butchers have been known to recommend 2 people per rib, but that is a lot of meat, and you will probably have plenty of other food at the table. A standard rib roast is 7 ribs, but you can ask your butcher to cut you a smaller one.

If you are splitting a roast, say getting 3 or 4 ribs, you can choose to get it from the chuck end or the loin end. There are differing opinions on which way to go. The chuck end has more fat and is richer, the loin end has more lean meat. It just depends on whether you like a richer or leaner slice of meat on your plate.

Prime rib is usually USDA choice. If you want prime prime rib, which has more marbling of fat throughout the meat, you will most likely need to place a special order with your butcher.

Most experts recommend choosing a roast with the rib on, then cutting it off and tying it back on. We know, that sounds kind of nutty, but the bone helps keep the meat from drying out, but it’s far easier to carve with the bone out. Better yet, ask your butcher to take off the bone, and then give it to you along with the meat.