Flavorful Holiday Cocktails For People Who Hate Eggnog

Flavorful Holiday Cocktails For People Who Hate Eggnog

There are certain happy flavors that come along with the holidays, and one of the best is eggnog. That creamy, nutmeggy blend just can’t be beat, unless you can’t stand it. There are some people who dread the onset of eggnog season. And that’s okay! If eggnog’s not your jam, we’ve got some lovely festive alternatives to keep you warm this winter.

Orange Hot Chocolate

You know those chocolate oranges that split apart into sections when you tap the top? If you like those, you’ll love this boozy drink. Make a rich hot chocolate and add in some orange whiskey for a citrusy kick. Drop in a few slivers of dark chocolate to melt in the cup, and you’re good to go.

Red Wine Hot Chocolate

We’ve heard of pairing wine and chocolate, but this drink takes it a step further! We could get more complicated, but basically you just mix red wine and a rich hot chocolate. And drink it, because it’s delicious.

Hot Ale Flip

This is a crazy concoction, and we’d like to toast whoever came up with it. It has hot beer, rum, brandy, brown sugar, and egg. You pour (flip) the mixture back and forth until it’s frothy. It sounds nutty, but it’s the holidays, anything goes!

Ginger Mulled Wine

Mulled wine reminds us of cold Scandinavian nights, but this version gets  a bubbly zing with the addition of ginger beer. Make it in the slow cooker to keep you warm all night long.

Hot Buttered Rum

This spicy rum drink starts with a batter made with butter, brown sugar, and spices, and then mixes it with rum and hot water. How can such simple ingredients transform into such a fantastic drink? We don’t know, but we’ll take another!