Detox Diet Myths That Are Sabotaging Your Health

Detox Diet Myths That Are Sabotaging Your Health

We’re always hearing about detox diets, whether it’s from celebrities or friends at the gym. But some people take dangerous routes to flushing toxins from their bodies. What are toxins, anyway? If you listen to some diet pushers, they are dangerous poisons that accumulate in your body.

That’s pretty vague, but we can give you some healthy ways to work towards the body you want. Check out these myths that may be sabotaging your health.

  1. Sweat it out

Scientists say there’s no proof that you can sweat out toxins, either through hot box yoga or grueling boot camps. If you really want to flush out the bad stuff, you just have to keep eating healthy foods and drink plenty of water.

  1. Trace toxins

Many harmful substances are harmful at high levels. Unless you have dangerously high levels of lead or mercury in your body, you probably aren’t loaded with poison. That is to say, you can relax a little and just focus on being the healthiest you.

  1. Bloat Away

Many people turn to detox diets to deal with feelings of bloating, but that’s far more likely to be caused by salt in the diet. Cut down on salty snacks and beware of sodium in processed foods. You’re more likely to have better luck that way!

  1. Fasting for Health

It is tempting to equate detox diets with fasting with cleansing, but your body needs healthy foods to replace fluids and nutrients you’re losing. For energy and strength, focus on eating good fats and plenty of produce.

  1. Staying Good

Extreme diets make it simple to avoid bad habits, but the gain is short-term unless you replace them with good habits. Instead of fasting, replace the foods that are problems for you with some healthy alternatives. Keep some nuts in the car for a healthy snack, or cut up veggies in the fridge to nosh on while you’re getting dinner ready.

Instead of falling for crash diets, it’s totally doable to adopt a healthy diet that will last you a lifetime.