8 Slow Cooker Recipes You Need To Try

8 Slow Cooker Recipes You Need To Try

Maybe you’ve heard our glowing admiration for our slow cooker in the past, but we really do love it! We know it’s handy for stews and soups, but there are a whole bunch of other recipes you can make in your slow cooker, too! It’s not just for soups anymore! We’ve got some ideas to get you started, but really the only limit on your slow cooker adventures is your imagination.


Start your day off right – the night before. Cook grits overnight on low, then add milk and cheese in the morning before spooning it into your bowl.


Same goes for steel cut oats. Wake up to a hot pot of chewy oats ready for your toppings.

French toast

One more breakfast item – French toast! It may be more like bread pudding, but it’s a make ahead breakfast that pleases even the pickiest sleepyheads.


The slow cooker is the perfect environment to cultivate your own active cultures. Make yogurt at home just the way you want it. It’s easy, and it’s a cool science experiment with the kids!


For the grown-up science experiment, brew mash for your beer in your slow cooker, and then bottle them to ferment. Beer is the best kind of science.


You can layer the noodles and cheese and set them to “bake” while you’re gallivanting around working up an appetite for lasagna.

Hot cocoa

Slow cookers are perfect for keeping food warm, like hot cocoa for a crowd. Be prepared for carolers with a slow cooker full of cocoa.


From morning to night, your slow cooker is working for you. Lay parchment in the bottom of the slow cooker, and make gooey, rich brownies that lift right out. These can cook while you’re eating dinner for a warm chocolaty dessert.